Knowledge is Power

By    November 4, 2013

Connectivity is in high demand, and network operators use Point-to-Point backhaul links to provide backbone connectivity to reach a desired service area. Because they are used to extend connectivity, these links must span long ranges and provide high throughput. Because they are the vital link to access network connectivity, they must be reliable and secure. Network operators need to KNOW detailed network performance and design in quality. Network World looks at many Sub-6 GHz has named the PTP 650 as a Product of the Week for the following reasons:

  • The highest level of spectral efficiency
  • 450 Mbps of throughput in a 45 MHz channel width
  • The only microwave backhaul with a real-time spectrum analyzer onboard

The PTP 650 can extend your network and provide industry leading reliability. Before you even purchase the link, the free LINKPlanner tool from Cambium Networks enables you to plan your network efficiently by entering the location of the source and destination. LINKPlanner will automatically calculate the throughput and performance so that you can set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that you know you can meet.

Performance knowledge continues in the field. Once installed, the unique Dynamic Spectrum Optimizer capability continuously monitors link performance and optimizes performance. Additional metrics include antenna alignment information, real-time throughput measurements, signal level measurements, signal quality and troubleshooting diagnostics.

PTP solutions from Cambium Networks give network operators access to the knowledge to design high performance networks, and the equipment that outperforms the alternatives by using the most sophisticated measurement and control functions.