Keeping the Streets Safe for the World Cup

By    May 22, 2014

Salvador is one of the cities in Brazil which will host games in the upcoming FIFA World Cup football (soccer) event in June. In recent years, the city has faced a significant increase in crime and the state government is implementing several actions to increase public safety. One of these initiatives is a video surveillance system throughout Salvador city with the first 215 of 400 cameras being installed in the first phase of the project. 

The key to effective video surveillance is placing the cameras in locations where they can provide the best coverage. Wireless networks that encompass for NLOS and nLOS (non- and near-line-of-sight) capabilities enable this strategic positioning. The wireless network is comprised of a licensed PTP 800 and unlicensed PTP 600 backhaul system connecting 4.9 GHz PMP 400 access networks reaching the cameras.

The Bahia State Public Safety Secretary, working with Sistemas Tecnologia and Agora Telecom selected Cambium Networks solutions because they needed reliable, secure connectivity. As Cambium Networks platforms are capable of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) connectivity and offer high uplink throughput with low latency, high-resolution images are transmitted in real time without any down time.

To ensure that the system will work, the team installed a transport network with eight PTP 600 links providing 300 Mbps full duplex capacity. Since installation, these links have exceeded demand capacity and ensured full availability. As a result, the team is progressing with expanding the network to 400 cameras in preparation for the World Cup.