It’s Here…Right Now

By    November 13, 2014

System Release 13.2 brings exciting new features for the PMP 450 platform.  

Release 13.2 introduces twice as many modulation modes. This pulls in the ability to transmit the same data on both antenna polarities if needed to stabilize the link and improve link budget.  Prior to this release, this level of control means you get more network stability and reliability. To go one step further, we've also improved the way we dynamically adapt between these modulations, leading to more stable throughput, and less frequent adaptations.  

Also in this release are improvements to the Subscriber Module packet processing, which now lets those uncapped SMs move data faster. Now, a  single SM can now process the entire sector capacity if needed. 

Review the Release Notes for even more details and additional features that are in this release. 

Based on your feedback, we’ll have another release soon. Continue to provide feedback on our Community.