Introducing Cambium’s Cloud-managed WiFi Solution

By Amanda Kowalik   August 24, 2015
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Our Cloud-Managed Wi-fi Solution

Cambium Networks presents cnPilot™, a suite of 802.11ac Wi-Fi products for use in home, enterprise, and industrial networks. cnPilot is managed through cnMaestro™, our new cloud-based network lifecycle management platform, and fulfills network operators’ increasingly rigorous requirements for affordability, scalability, and frictionless deployment.

Look up the data sheet of any wireless LAN solution and you’ll find a plethora of features. Healthy competition between WLAN vendors has introduced many rich and flexible solutions to the market. This wealth of options has resulted in these solutions becoming rather complex, and often require deep domain knowledge. It takes a product-specific expert – or even worse, a team of IT professionals – to configure and manage these networks, making them expensive to deploy and maintain.

A one-size-fits-all philosophy guides most of the market’s solutions, but in reality not every feature is needed for every deployment or application scenario. A given user may set up and configure a wireless LAN using perhaps 10% of the available features, while the remainder are not applicable to their needs and simply complicate deployment. And choice overload for Wi-Fi products forces the user to navigate a maze of configuration settings – each with obscure and even proprietary terms that mean little to someone who’s trying to get a secure, high performance network up as fast as possible.

Cambium Networks offers a cloud-managed solution designed for accessible, high-performance Wi-Fi to any user:

cnPilot™ is Cambium’s cloud-managed solution, available in the cloud or deployable on premise, built from the ground up for secure, end-to-end network lifecycle management of your Wi-Fi devices, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Onboarding devices
  • Daily operations
  • Maintenance

Targeting solutions to specific applications goes a long way towards meeting the needs of specific users. The underlying product may be complex, but packages that can be customized for the requirements of a particular group of users simplifies Wi-Fi deployment and management.

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