Introducing Cambium Care

By    March 1, 2017

Cambium Networks is beginning a new era in how we provide technical support to our customers with the introduction of Cambium Care.  After years of one-size-fits-all technical support services, we are launching three distinct support programs to meet the requirements of our increasingly diverse customer segments.

As we have reviewed the variety of technical support tickets over the past two years, we have seen several different profiles.  Some customers are very technical and largely self-sufficient.  They contact the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) once or twice, usually with a warranty claim or other straightforward request.  The urgency of these requests are relatively low and can be conveniently handled during the customer’s business hours.

Other customers have a higher need for technical support.  Perhaps they are new to Cambium products or have particularly complex networks.  We spend a lot more time with these customers, often during their night or on weekends.  The sense of urgency is often relatively high.  And we have a growing group of service provider and enterprise customers who either have service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers or otherwise have mission-critical networks.  These customers need much more rapid and assured problem resolution.

To address these different requirements, we will launch Cambium Care with these three programs:

  • Cambium Care Standard:  This is a no-charge technical support service available in the customer’s local business hours.  It is focused on customers who have occasional need for warranty service, hardware support, and general inquiries about configuration and operation.  Because the TAC team is staffed 24 x 7, we are available for emergencies if required. 
  • Cambium Care Plus:  This service supports customers who require the assurance of 24/7 technical assistance and quick access to higher-level technical support engineers. These customers receive priority access to the Technical Support Center and tickets escalated according to the complexity of their case.  Certified engineers may request direct access to Level 2 support.
  • Cambium Care Prime:  This 24 x 7 program includes SLA-based responsiveness based on severity of the issue.  A dedicated team of Level 2 TAC engineers and a Service Account Manager are assigned to proactively get to know the customer’s network and support team so that when trouble strikes, we can immediately get to work and resolve the issue. This level includes All Risks repair/replacement coverage for infrastructure devices.

Plus and Prime levels include proactive features to go beyond traditional break/fix support.  Both offer network review and advisory.  With the dedicated team, Prime customers will have regular personal interaction to learn about the latest releases, service bulletins, and other timely information.

Cambium Care builds on Cambium’s tradition of personal, knowledgeable interaction with customers to solve issues.  Future directions include the addition of a network monitoring service and tighter integration with cnMaestro.  We will continue to emphasize proactive support based on analytics and sharing of our operational knowledge of fixed wireless.