Install High Speed Connectivity Faster with PMP 450d

By    July 13, 2015

Based on customer input to minimize installation time, the new PMP 450d takes less than 3 minutes to go from unboxing to aligning the completed assembly, and provides the performance and synchronization your customers need. With 25 dBi of total gain across both 5.4 and 5.8 GHz, the provides the highest gain integrated solution so that you can reduce installation time and rapidly grow your network.






An additional benefit is the dramatic reduction in wind loading, which is important for many WISPs who contend with harsh weather like Royell Communications in Virden, IL.  Ben Royer, Operations Manager of Royell says, “We always need the most gain we can get, but due to wind loading concerns, were unable to install offset reflector dishes with PMP 450 SMs.  We’ve now had a chance to install the PMP 450d, and it's AWESOME! We’ve had one up for a while and it’s doing great. We have good signal strength at greater distances, in both nLOS and NLOS conditions.  The customer had a -71 dBm RSL using the PMP 320 at the exact same location, and when we installed the 450d we saw a consistent 10 dB signal improvement!”

See what the PMP 450d can do for you. Modules are available for ordering through your reseller now, and you can expect shipments to begin in August. Don’t forget to share your PMP 450d photos and stories on our Community Forum.