Innovation Turbo Charges Broadband Speeds

By Amanda Kowalik   August 22, 2017

Technology barriers are challenges that beg to be broken. These challenges attract the best engineers and business minds and deliver unparalleled satisfaction when conquered. In the wireless industry, it is a given that RF spectrum is a limited resource, and network architects are gravely concerned that the exponentially increasing demand for bandwidth will cause service providers to run out of spectrum.

Cambium Networks has developed the PMP 450m with cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO technology to provide unprecedented throughputs in narrow channels up to 40 MHz bandwidths.

The technology quickly evolved from a proposal, through the development lab and customer trials, and is now a commercially available product. The technology and performance is now validated in the field. Here is what network operators are saying:

  • Eurona (Ireland) – “We can now with confidence provide up to 50 Mbps speeds to customers.” – Barry Wilson, Country Manager – download the case study
  • Pixius Communications (USA) – “We have serviced downloads up to 118 Mbps during peak customer usage.” – Bob Reif, Production Manager – download the case study
  • GVEC (USA) – “The 450m was able to deliver 138 Mbps in a 20 MHz channel consistently without breaking a sweat.” – Tad Vernor, ISP Manager – download the case study
  • Scorch (New Zealand) – “We were able to dramatically increase throughput in a narrow 20 MHz channel.” – Nick Ringdahl, Network Operations Manager – download the case study 

Give the technology a 3 minute test drive and view our video here.

Available right now, the PMP 450m can bring this performance to your network. Contact us and we will develop a solution that will wow you.

One thing about conquering a barrier is that after the satisfaction, the best talent understands that the bar has only moved higher.