Improving 100 Million Lives

By Amanda Kowalik   November 3, 2016

There are many ways to measure business milestones. This being the fifth anniversary of Cambium Networks, we are proud to say that we have shipped nearly six million wireless broadband modules. Each one of our radios connects many people in business offices, homes, and WiFi hotspots around the world. We estimate that over the years, our six million radios have touched the lives of more than 100 million people. Each month, we hear new stories of how our solutions have improved a business or changed a community – and like a child at the age of five, we are just getting started.

Balance sheets and statistics can tell the details of our success as a business, but to me, the real story is about the lives we are positively impacting, our character and our contribution in creating opportunities for people in a digital economy.

Excellence in Innovation

Building a product is only a small part of the story. True excellence begins at the inception of a product by listening to customers and partners and rigorously challenging the status quo to drive disruptive innovation. Take our recently launched PMP 450m with cnMedusa™ technology. This technology increased the amount of data that can be transported in a given amount of spectrum. The demand for throughput is constantly increasing, while spectrum is becoming increasingly scarce. Our team considered future customer needs and developed a Massive Multi-User MIMO solution that enables a single access point to simultaneously communicate with seven stations and provide more than 400 Mbps of throughput in a single 20 MHz channel – at an affordable price.

Contribution to Our World

More important than delivering technology is the significance of the contribution of that technology to the world. While our wireless broadband solutions provide residential broadband connectivity, public safety, industrial IoT connectivity, and video surveillance, our solutions are also working to help the global community. In partnership with Disaster Tech Lab, our solutions have been providing connectivity to help refugees in Greece communicate with families and get services they need. Closer to our home in Chicago, we connected community leaders in an urban area to create a safe hub where students and adults have free access to WiFi to facilitate online communication and study and thus improve their lives.

Celebrating Our Five Years

To celebrate our five years, we are reaching out to the next generation. We are donating 50 bicycles to change the lives of elementary schoolchildren in the Chicago area. These bicycles will in effect power each student’s “journey” – providing opportunities for improving health, well-being and exploring their world. We hope that their journeys will continue through their lives. You will see more about the children and bicycles later this week.