ICT: The Backbone of the IIoT

By Amanda Kowalik   June 26, 2015

The word “measurement” sounds comparatively antiquated when we think of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  But at its core, the promise of IIoT is built on millions of measurements taken on a regular basis. When properly analyzed – taking into account a holistic view of where measurements were collected in the network and how they affect overall operations – this data then becomes the foundation for change. Visualizing and analyzing this data is the key to realizing untapped revenue or removing hidden inefficiencies.  

Cambium Networks has long believed that what cannot be measured cannot be improved – yet measurement can only be accomplished with a strong communications backbone. Thus it was heartening to read this very thought in an Accenture report – The Growth Game-Changer: How the Industrial Internet of Things Can Drive Progress and Prosperity. The report details how IIoT can drive growth and prosperity across economies; emerging markets can even leap-frog developed nations through implementing IIoT technologies. However, this can only occur if a country has a strong communications backbone as 85 percent of the IIoT is based on legacy infrastructure, a statistic the report cited from this Gigaom article. 

We have deep experience in building large communities and their information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. Through our PTP technology, places that had never been connected before can now share information. Through our PMP technology, people can learn from each other and solve one another’s problems. This is just the tip of the iceberg in truly moving the needle to connect the unconnected.  

n future blog posts, we’ll offer examples of the local agencies and government entities we’ve worked with to bring about sweeping technological change, vaulting the unconnected into the digital world with incredible measureable results. We hope that these stories will serve as a blueprint to those looking to bridge the digital divide with wireless broadband, and from there, implement IIoT technologies for greater growth and prosperity. If this fits the description of your network, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us your story on our forum on by emailing stories@cambiumnetworks.com