I want my MTV…and much more

By Amanda Kowalik   August 6, 2014

The FIFA world cup broke the record for online video streaming, with 24 million unique viewers streaming 15 million hours of content from the FIFA multimedia services alone. Demand for NetFlix and other streaming services are driving FCC regulations and tense discussions between content providers and service providers. In the near term, network operators are challenged to find ways to provide video content and maximize customer satisfaction with the network they have today.

Simple bandwidth caps fall short of the needs of service providers and users. The need is to maximize the efficiency of the network by providing users what they need quickly and freeing up network capacity for other users. Tailoring a link to perform the way that users consume data improves overall data flow, and overall customer satisfaction. Cambium solutions provide you tools to do that.

Our PMP products provide settings to control Maximum Information Rate (MIR) and measure Quality of Service. These capabilities are supplemented by a “Burst Bucket”: a token system that provides high capacity to a single user for brief periods of high throughput, for example when a subscriber is streaming a video. The PMP 450 system includes an even more sophisticated control, which we refer to as MaxBurst MIR which puts network operators in control of the rate at which the burst bucket allocates capacity. Find out more about these capabilities in the PMP 450 MaxBurst MIR solution paper.