How do we connect the unconnected and connect the next 5 billion people?

By    February 25, 2014

We have come a long way in the communication industry.  We rely on our smartphone devices for everything–voice, email, online transactions, watching the Olympics, alarm clock, calendar, and many use it as a wearable as well. We will notice our phone is missing well before our wallet these days.

At Cambium Networks our mission is Connecting the Unconnected™. Our newest platform the ePMP™ 1000 is designed specifically to connect people and businesses in under-served or unconnected communities: areas of low population density that were challenging to connect in the past.

With the proliferation of devices and the availability of off-the-shelf components, equipment manufacturers are now able to design solutions that can deliver the quality and reliability we have grown accustomed to at an affordable price. It is truly a technology that enables service providers to confidently enter new markets.

Consider these factors that enable the ROI and business case:

– The four sector site MSRP with GPS Synchronization is $2,800 USD, and each remote station MSRP is $99 USD.  

– The combined four sector solution delivers over 800 Mbps capacity to approximately 480 remote stations.  

– Service providers can get started with a non-GPS Synchronized AP solution (ePMP Connectorized) and transition to a GPS Synchronized Access Point as the network grows and multi-sectors are required.

Cambium Networks is a member of and supports the Alliance for Affordable Internet to promote the adoption of affordable access technologies.  The organization's vision is to help billions more users to come online (with a particular focus on low-income countries) and to make universal access a reality.