Holistic Data Visibility Wins NBA Championships – What Could It Do for You?

By    July 10, 2015

I don’t follow sports in general, but I diligently watched the NBA championship this yearIt was amazing to see the Golden State Warriors end their 40-year NBA championship drought and log the third winningest season in NBA history – only trailing the Chicago Bulls during their heyday with Michael Jordan.

What interests me most about the Warriors is not their style of play or any particular player. I’m fascinated by the real hero behind the Warriors’ standout season – data.
It’s perhaps a lesser known fact that the Warriors are a data-obsessed organization. It’s this unique, 360-degree attention to a player’s fitness, sleep patterns and even mood that made them not only the best team in the league, but the healthiest as well. On game days, head coach Steve Kerr receives a readiness rating from every player, a handy “all-in-one metric” that allows him to make last-minute changes to the starting lineup.

Beyond this, the Warriors staff has an obsessive attention to detail when analyzing data the analogue way – watching game tapes. On the strength of video coordinator Nick U’Ren’s 3:00 am text recommendation to Coach Kerr to start Andre Iguodala instead of Andrew Bogut, the Warriors went from 1-2 in the championship series to win it all in six.

The Warriors won in part because they knew what data to track and for how long before making changes. Do you know how much data it would take your company to realize an operational change that drives newfound efficiency and productivity – enough to win in your category or key markets?

Cambium Networks is helping organizations realize the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by setting up networks that can pull data from anywhere, enabling Big Data analytics that can lead to lasting change in operations and profitability. In future blog posts, we’ll detail how various industries spanning water, electricity, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, and mining have captured data, and highlight what each company’s analytics yielded in order to fundamentally shift their operations and way of thinking.

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