High Quality for Critical Applications

By    May 23, 2014

Service Providers make a name for themselves by delivering Carrier-grade Ethernet. Differentiating service by providing Service Level Agreements (SLA) to customers is increasingly important as technology advances. Having equipment that can manage this effectively can be critical to a provider’s success. This application brief discusses the ways to achieve high customer satisfaction through Quality of Service (QoS) options natively available in the PMP 450 platform of Point to Multipoint equipment.

Delivering broadband when “the pipe” is empty is easy, but maintaining high quality for critical applications (i.e. QoS for demanding traffic) is where a service provider can really differentiate themselves and win customer loyalty. Maintaining SLA and QoS has direct correlation to the end-user’s Quality of Experience (QoE). A high level of QoE can reduce customer churn and reduce technical support calls, leading to happier customers.

Having the ability to provide QoS for specific types of traffic also enables service providers to monetize additional services such as VoIP or video, leading to higher revenue per user. Throughout this brief, we discuss the PMP 450 QoS feature set and its various components, how to provision the product with these features, and show some examples of how it might be used to deliver Carrier Ethernet grade QoS.