Heroes Among Us

By Amanda Kowalik   August 24, 2017

Heroes come in many forms. It is easy to recall heroes from our childhood: athletes, parents, police officers, firefighters, and even comic book superheroes. For a young mind, they demonstrate courage, agility and steadfast commitment and serve as examples to model. As an adult, it may be difficult to see heroes, but they are definitely here with us. Instead of wearing capes or uniforms, however, they can be difficult to see because they look like us, do not perform their heroic acts when the lights and cameras are on, and few have had books written and movies made describing their activities.

These heroes commit their personal time to helping others. They develop and donate their skills to improve their communities. They invest their earnings to support others. They quietly perform acts of subtle courage that leave their environment a better place. 

These heroes exist in every discipline of human endeavor, and the area of wireless connectivity is no different. 

Cambium Networks is recognizing those individuals who commit their time, talent and resources to improving the lives of others through wireless connectivity. The Connectivity Hero award recognizes one individual from each business region each quarter (16 per year) for their efforts. From the quarterly Heroes, one person will be selected as the annual Connectivity Hero. To further recognize each person's commitment and activity, Cambium Networks will provide a $1000 USD award for each quarterly winner and $5000 USD for the annual award winner that can be used to support a charitable purpose of the Hero’s choice.

Take a few moments and consider people who have made a difference through connectivity. Do you know of someone who has changed their world by providing wireless connectivity? Is there a place anywhere in the world where people are better off because someone took the risk to build a link to connect them? 

Nominating someone for consideration is easy. Take a few minutes and submit your nomination on our web site. Nominations are open now, and the winners for third quarter 2017 will be announced in early October.