Happy 10th Birthday, YouTube!

By    May 15, 2015

A decade ago, water cooler conversation went from discussing the latest happenings on the “Lost” island and just how bad Jack Bauer’s day could possibly get to, “Did you see the video of Blog - Youtube Bday_.jpgthe guy at the zoo?” His banal take on elephant anatomy – “the cool thing is they have really, really, really long trunks” – was the first video uploaded on YouTube, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Now viewed 23 million times, “Me at the Zoo” paved the way for lo-fi viral hits such as Charlie bit my finger – again! and slicker fare like Psy’s Gangnam Style, currently the most viewed YouTube video of all time with over two billion views.        

YouTube was a clarion call to the technology industry that video streaming was finally here and going to be huge. Despite being last to market, it vaulted over its competitors so quickly thatGoogle snatched up the brand for $1.6 billion, 18 months after the elephant video was uploaded. Naturally, the service also made waves in the broadband industry, which had to adapt to the new normal of on-demand viewing. A year after YouTube was acquired, Netflix launched its streaming services, which is the single biggest driver of broadband for Cambium Networks. We continue to evolve our technology to suit video streaming demands, whether for residential subscribers or governmental agencies. 

Ten years on, the media landscape is continuing to change through YouTube. It is planning to launch a paid subscription service as soon as this year and premiere its own original feature-length films starring digital breakouts. Along the way, it’ll continue its role as the world’s largest music streaming site and star maker – lest we forget that Justin Bieber got his start on the ‘Tube’. 

For our part, we’ll make sure that YouTube content continues to stream beautifully over your screens so you have something to bring to the water cooler. To mark YouTube’s birthday, take a trip down memory lane and tell us your favorite YouTube clips in the comments below: Here’s a list to get you started.