Got a Minute or Two? Have a Broadband Connection

By Ray Savich   February 19, 2016

Two minutes and forty-five seconds. Not a lot of time to do much except for things in our daily routine such as writing a quick email, answering a quick phone call, or wolf down that sandwich because you have to run to a meeting. We’ve all done that. 

Instead of listening to most of “Baby” by Justin Bieber, you could put together an ePMP™ Force 200 Subscriber Module from Cambium Networks. Without a user guide, we challenged people to assemble the dish as fast as they could, and two minutes, forty-five seconds is the record. And when it’s put together, it won’t take you long to install either – light weight and an integrated handle that clips right on your belt makes those tower climbs easier than ever.

With a high (25dBi) gain antenna, narrow beam width and the power of rock-solid ePMP software, Force 200 lets you connect point A to point far-away easier than ever before. Worried about aiming a narrow beam antenna over a long distance? No problem – eAlign gives you pinpoint precision so you can be sure you’re aiming exactly where you need to be. Want to check out the facts from customers? Check out Taylor Broadband’s case study, or the network operators who have posted their comments to our Community.

Force 200 is the versatile choice for longer range, high interference deployment scenarios in a point to point or point to multipoint deployment. Increasing the subscriber module choices with a 2.4 GHz version and a 5 GHz version, Force 200 brings all the reliability, scalability and determinism of an ePMP network without breaking the bank. Affordability without sacrifice. 

Oh, and if you do break the two minutes, forty-five seconds record, remember to shout about it on our community.