Good to the Last Mile

By    February 19, 2014

In Connecting the UnconnectedTM, Cambium Networks delivers broadband to where it’s most difficult. Through our installations worldwide, we have learned from the challenges of each deployment and engineered our platforms to address these problems. Naturally, as a wireless broadband specialist, the problem we hear most often is distance from or dearth of fiber.

Given that fiber is a friend and partner to wireless networks, we have been reading with great interest about the government’s provision for new fiber networks. There’s no doubt that with more fiber, the average Internet speed in the U.S. (it lags behind other countries, as noted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Quartz and USA Today, among others) will increase, and wireless networks can be increasingly provisioned to provide high-quality, speedy Internet access to further the edge of a network. In industry parlance, this is known as last-mile access.

As with mobile phone service, Internet connectivity is best when end users are located within a certain distance of a network hub or signal tower. Outside the hub or on the edge, service is less than optimal. By installing a point-to-point wireless broadband link stemming from the edge of a fiber network, a new network can be built to serve a previously under- or unconnected population. The homes and businesses in those communities can then enjoy the same quality of service as those located at the core of the network. As wireless broadband access pushes the speeds on the edge, all networks will need higher speed aggregation technologies from edge to core. Fiber steps in well for that role. 

Service providers such as INEA and JAB Broadband have discovered the powerful combination of fiber backbone and wireless extensions by deploying Cambium Networks solutions to connect with new customer bases without waiting for the last mile of the network to be trenched. Our platforms such as PTP 650, PMP 450 and ePMPTM create an environment where the network operator can “build on demand” instead of waiting to build the entire network before the first revenue is seen. With this measured scalable approach to connecting the unconnected, we are confident that we can provide superior Internet access to the last mile and beyond.