Go Massive

By Ray Savich   April 5, 2016

With every new internet-connected service, hit Netflix series, and new online multiplayer game, the load on your network increases. With no signs of slowing down, you and your network have to be ready to handle it. At the access layer – where you connect your customers to your network – this means more, more, more capacity.

But the problem is providing that capacity – higher bandwidth and great latency, all to more subscribers – to your customers within the same spectrum, and reusing your existing investment. It’s easy to double your network capacity by using twice the spectrum – but with interference increasing everywhere and more and more networks popping up, this isn’t practical.

You need something new to handle the data deluge. Something that doesn’t rely on more spectrum for more capacity, built from the ground up with the latest technologies: from beamforming to massive MIMO to multi-user MIMO, and everything in between working in concert to provide the best possible network.

Your network needs to Go Massive.

As wireless technology advances, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends is more important than ever. At cambiumnetworks.com/gomassive, we aim to give you just that.

Stay tuned to cambiumnetworks.com/gomassive to see how your network can Go Massive.

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