Give your PMP 450 Network a “Boost”

By Matt Mangriotis   October 3, 2017

The PMP 450 platform was launched in 2012 with the intent to enable Service Providers to bring more traffic to more subscribers. Implementing 2×2 OFDM MIMO technology, Cambium Networks was able to double the data rate versus the previous product, yet maintain compatibility so that users would have a practical migration path for their network.

Since then, the 450 platform has continually evolved, bringing more capacity, throughput and capabilities to bear. Laser-focused on fixed wireless applications, new features are implemented in every new software release. The platform is based on a proprietary chipset, designed from the ground up with the sole purpose of providing a fixed wireless solution. Because it is entirely software-based, the 450 code is able to seamlessly utilize new chipsets, and progress to new levels of performance with underlying hardware advancement, yet maintain compatibility with prior generations.

The introduction of 450i brought the Industrial revolution to the platform, providing rugged mechanics and industrial-strength processing power, as well as integration of Cambium Networks antenna technology, again enabling higher network performance.

Continuing that strategy, I am excited to introduce the latest Subscriber Module to the 450 platform of products: the PMP 450b.

This product can help provide a boost to any 450 network. It is available now in a small, easy to deploy form factor, yet with a reasonably powerful 17 dBi patch panel antenna.  This antenna (again designed in-house) provides a great, flat response across the entire 5 GHz spectrum (4900-5925 MHz), in which the 450b operates. In the not too distant future, there will be a high-gain (25 dBi) integrated reflector dish version of the 450b to extend the product performance and range.

In addition to wideband support, the 450b contains the latest generation of FPGA with the embedded ARM processors. In other words, this boosts the Packet Processing power (PPS) of the subscriber, so as to eliminate any constraints on the total bandwidth.  The 450b can provide a link of up to 300 Mbps of usable data rate in aggregate. With a single gigabit Ethernet port and no optional limits on the throughput, procurement, inventory and deployment of this subscriber is made simple and easy.

To streamline installation, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the 450b SM as well.  This can be used to provide an alignment tone, which varies in pitch with received signal strength, and enable an easy alignment without requiring the use of a PC connection to the radio.  In addition, very shortly we will release cnArcher™, an Android app that will further automate and enhance the deployment experience.

I hope you have a chance in the near future to check out this latest addition to the Cambium Networks 450 platform, and we would love for you to share your experiences on our community forum.