Get There First

By    September 5, 2013

Communications services are vital to business success. In mining operations, resources are spread out over vast areas in remote locations, well beyond the reach of any service provider. Industrial organizations that have evolved to operate private networks have a sustainable competitive advantage. They can prioritize activities, manage supply and production issues, and run their business better. Reliable connectivity makes the difference in operational efficiency.

One mining company in Argentina is leading the way in connecting remote operations for five widely separated remote locations with their central headquarters. Reaching out from the central hub, using multiple Point-to-Point links as a backbone, they are able to establish voice and data communications to coordinate field work and improve operations. One of these five backbone links spans 110 km, and operates at an altitude of more than 4,400 meters, crossing remote forests and desert.

In addition to being well connected, this mining operation is nimble. Wireless connectivity enables them to construct and deploy a secure and reliable network in hours, not weeks or days. As needs evolve, the equipment can be re-deployed to provide IP connectivity for video, voice or data services as needed. With more than 10 years’ experience in using wireless connectivity, they have more reach and can get to an opportunity faster.