Fixed Wireless Access for the Enterprise: This isn’t your father’s wireless

By Amanda Kowalik   December 4, 2015

Have you ever wanted to connect two buildings some ways apart, across the street, across town, or out in the middle of nowhere, without having to deal with your service provider? Perhaps one of your sales executives likes to work from home, but still use his 1080P HD teleconferences to see the whites of the sales team’s eyes near the end of the quarter.

But there’s one problem: he can’t get a decent Internet connection in his converted farmhouse a few miles out in the country. His video is slow and choppy, and you hear about it every week from the CIO.

You know the drill – call up your big wireline carrier, wait, wait, wait, pay them a small fortune each month and monitor the line with your own SLA probes to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. It isn’t dynamic, it doesn’t suit your timescales (or budget) and you lose control, visibility and independence in your infrastructure.

And if they don’t serve the area or are too expensive, you’re stuck with slow speeds that don’t cut it anymore. Scaring the sales team just isn’t the same in 320×240, after all.

Sometimes, the same old ways don’t make sense anymore. There has to be a way to connect your network to remote locations securely, with total visibility, using all your own assets, across challenging conditions or telco no-service areas that won’t have the CIO asking why he’s paying so much per month.

Luckily, there is – Cambium Networks fixed wireless access solutions.

This isn’t your father’s wireless – forget spotty cell signals and congested Wi-Fi that leave you wondering why you bothered. This is high capacity, low latency wireless connectivity, replacing your wired ISP connection securely and reliably at speeds up to 450Mbps.

Cambium Networks wireless broadband solutions give you:

1) Network simplicity

Once the wireless link is up, you have a layer 2 Ethernet path. That’s it. If you want to run OSPF between sites, keep it at layer 2, or do anything else that fits inside an Ethernet frame, you can. It’s your network. No ISP filtering, no snooping, no tunneling.

2) Quality of Service (QoS)

Each Cambium Networks wireless link can be configured with in-depth QoS policies based on Ethernet CoS and IP DSCP values to ensure the most important traffic on your network gets where it needs to be.

3) Security

All of our wireless links can encrypt all traffic crossing the wireless link with AES, and support HTTPS on their management interface to provide top-level security for your traffic and network infrastructure.

4) Network topology flexibility

Depending on your topology, you might want to extend your network between two points (point-to-point) or create a hub-and-spoke model (point-to-multipoint). Our core platforms support both configurations:

  • PTP650 for high capacity point-to-point
  • PMP450 for reliable and scalable point-to-multipoint and point-to-point
  • ePMPTM for low-density point to multipoint and point to point

5) Flexible application

  • Video Surveillance: Cambium Networks is used worldwide for wireless IP video surveillance, allowing you to cost-effectively monitor remote sites in real time at a lower cost of ownership than wired setups. Cut your costs by cutting your wires.
  • Mission-critical communications: Across the world, our fixed wireless access solutions are recommended by the world’s most discerning users, including military and disaster recovery agencies.
  • Residential and business connectivity: Wireless ISPs depend on our equipment to generate their revenue and delight their customers.

Our excellent wireless performance using advanced features such as GPS Sync and Dynamic Spectrum OptimizationTM means that virtually any two places can be connected reliably, securely and with top performance with Cambium Networks. 

With our solutions, you can give everyone’s favorite sales executive a connection so fast and reliable, he’ll never misses a 1080P teleconference again.

Just don’t tell the sales team it was you that did it. 

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