ePMP Proven for Video Surveillance

By Amanda Kowalik   October 22, 2013

In many cities around the world, municipal governments have selected and sponsored certain areas for improvement. In Seattle, these areas chosen for revitalization are designated as Business Improvement Areas (BIA). These projects typically require community video surveillance and connectivity. The Cambium Networks ePMP solution provides both in a single reliable and cost effective solution.

Wireless broadband can change a community. Connectivity can provide data to business and residential locations, and that same bandwidth can be used to provide video surveillance to keep the streets safe.

Cascade Networks recently deployed ePMP to provide video surveillance for the Chinatown-International District in Seattle. The network operated well in an urban environment with noise and obstructions. In fact the deployment was so successful that Cascade Networks is looking to expand the solution to nearby businesses and a university campus. Read about its experience in the case study: Seattle’s Chinatown is safe and secure using the new ePMP.