Don’t Migrate – Elevate

By Ray Savich   November 30, 2016

Let’s face it: networks are expensive. They’re expensive to build, maintain, and upgrade. You invest the time and cost to set up a new network, and over time your customers want more, more, and more. The 5 Mbps throughput that they were happy with 2 years ago doesn’t cut it now that they have two kids in the house trying to watch YouTube while the parents relax downstairs with their own movie on Netflix.

As a service provider, what can you do about it? If you want to offer more bandwidth, scalability and a more modern network, conventional wisdom says you need new hardware – and lots of it. Changing hardware requires driving out to every subscriber, physically swapping out each piece of equipment with new gear, and handing out all those service credits. It’s expensive and time-consuming. And that’s before you get to address the problem of how you’ll handle co-existence issues between your old and new networks.

Yes, conventional wisdom says that the dreaded “rip-and-replace” – direct hardware-for-hardware replacements of all the radio equipment at your subscribers and at your tower is the only way to go, with the costs, time, and hassle that it brings. How else could you possibly get the performance of a whole new network, without spending the time, money and effort required by all-new hardware?

Once in a while conventional wisdom is wrong. Shaving your hair won’t make it grow back faster, the earth is in fact not flat, and you don’t need a ton of new hardware to get the next level of performance from your network.

ePMP™ Elevate is an innovative software solution to the age-old problem of network migration and upgrade that lets you take your network to the next level without the expense, time, and hassle of the dreaded “rip-and-replace.”

With your existing outdoor fixed wireless broadband network based on 802.11n-based hardware, simply load the ePMP Elevate software on each subscriber module – remotely, of course – and then replace your access point with a licensed ePMP 2000 or 1000 access point. That’s it, you’re done. All your old subscriber hardware gets a new lease of life as it gains the powerful signature capabilities of ePMP, from frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization, to Air Fairness, to Smart Beamforming.

What does this mean for you? Finally, you have a simple, inexpensive and fast way to elevate your existing network to the next level, keeping your customers happy with superior service offerings, and even helping you to expand to more than 25 subscribers per sector.

There’s just one problem: now your network is enjoying all the benefits of ePMP, from performance and scalability to reliability, even without Cambium subscriber hardware, your support guys might get bored.

Find out more about ePMP Elevate here, and join the discussion on the Cambium Community.

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