Designed to Perform

By    November 6, 2015

The new 450i recently won a design award at WISPAPALOOZA, the premier WISP event in North America. The judges recognized the new enclosure design as easy to install and maintain. Many months of working with WISPs in the field and input from installers on our Cambium Community helped us get the enclosure and mechanics right.

The outdoor environment is tough, and an outage affects more than NetFlix. A failed module can take down a connection to a business, disconnect video surveillance, or delay first responders from arriving on scene quickly. In short, ruggedness is what keeps the network up and running, keeps maintenance costs down, and customer satisfaction at peak levels.

The development team wanted to demonstrate the ruggedness of the 450i hardware and its IP-66/67 rated enclosure. What better way to do it than put it in an extreme condition that everyone will recognize: one end of the link was submerged in an aquarium in our office reception area, and the other end was located in the demonstration room across the hall.

When submerged in an aquarium, the 450i was able to automatically detect the module at the other end, and synch up in a matter of seconds. The link was able to deliver the full expected throughput.

You can count on the 450i delivering high performance in your network – rain or shine. In a sense, each network is a fishbowl where performance is scrutinized. I invite you to share your stories on the Cambium Community so that other network operators can see how our solutions perform for you.