Delivering Bandwidth: Enabling Productivity

By Amanda Kowalik   October 2, 2013

Government efficiency.

Imagine a government agency that communicates efficiently with other agencies and gets the right information to the right place right away. Imagine agencies seeking to add more services and expand public safety initiatives without increasing costs. It can happen, and is happening because of wireless broadband.

Solomon Islands is a sovereign country consisting of a large number of islands in Oceania lying to the east of Papua New Guinea. The Solomon Islands Government (SIG) has dozens of ministries and statutory bodies in nearly 100 physical locations spread across the capital city of Honiara. Until Cambium Networks’ equipment was installed earlier this year, most government offices had little connectivity, and connectivity costs were high.

Fixed wireless broadband is ideal for situations like this because it is:

  • Rapidly deployable

  • Scalable to grow and connect to new offices

  • High throughput with low latency, quality of service and security

  • Attractively priced compared to alternative copper and fiber solutions

Any government or business can connect multiple offices with high throughput and the required low latency to support VoIP and video applications.  The vast majority of these networks are installed in a matter of weeks. See SIG’s story here.