Connectivity Solutions for Tarawa

By Ray Savich   March 31, 2017

Cambium Networks provides wireless broadband connectivity solutions that connect the world’s unconnected. This will never be truer than for the atoll Island of Tarawa, one of the Gilbert Islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Google maps need to be zoomed in a few times before you can even visualize this place. Historically known for the famous WWII battle, the island was recently featured in a 2015 National Geographic report on climate change due to the threat of the rising sea level. Well beyond the reach of any fiber or copper cable, the Gilbert Islands’ demand for internet service is high.

The wireless broadband solution we found successful in this challenging deployment takes the feed from the customer’s satellite gateway and distributes connectivity across the island. The wireless network is comprised of PTP 800 licensed microwave backhaul, and a PMP 450 distribution network. This solution enabled connectivity of internet service to a population of 50,000 Kiribatis on the island.

By witnessing this deployment in this remote part of the world, I saw first-hand the impact that connectivity made for the locals on the island. The Cambium solution provides the most basic services of connectivity we take for granted:

  • Internet access
  • Data service
  • Inter-island voice communication

PTP backhaul modules provide the backbone infrastructure of the deployment. The PTP with spatial diversity antenna design can contend with high levels of RF reflection and provide high path availability, with better packet performance, over large body of water. Multiple PMP 450 clusters connect more than 800 subscriber modules throughout the island.

Our Global Professional Services team enabled our partner’s success with this deployment.