Connectivity solutions for federal agencies and government

By    November 15, 2013

Solutions that are labeled “field proven” and “agency vetted” carry particular significance to federal government network operators, information assurance officers, and spectrum managers who know that considerable effort has been placed in developing these technologies. For Cambium Networks, these descriptors signify that our wireless broadband solutions have met strict security requirements in rigorous lab evaluations and have performed reliably in some of the harshest field conditions where connectivity is an essential component in theater operations. For federal network operators, these words also mean hassle-free spectrum approval.

We work closely with the DoD and other agencies to create voice, video and data solutions that comply with stringent government requirements. For instance, our PTP 600 offering is the only PTP microwave radio that is JITC / UC-APL approved. In addition, Cambium’s PTP 800 is the only 7/8 GHz FDX Microwave that combines native FIPS 140 validation with DoD (J/F-12) requirements and federal, but non-DoD (NTIA SPS), RF approval.

Of course, there is much more to the federal government than defense. Cambium also provides solutions for non-DoD agencies that need broadband connectivity for leased-line replacement. Some other applications where we’ve deployed our solutions include border security, disaster recovery, infrastructure protection and maritime monitoring.

To learn more about the work we do with federal agencies, check out our new web page that was launched this month: . There you’ll find information such as solution papers, product specifications and case studies, with more content to come. Have specific questions? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.