Connecting with over 200 customers in Dubai

By    January 27, 2014

This week I had the pleasure of participating in a full-day seminar hosted by Prologix in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. While Prologix is one of our newest value-added distributors, serving the Middle East and Africa, it has rapidly expanded its initial focus on ePMP to include Cambium Networks’ entire portfolio. Most notably, Prologix was responsible for the first commercial sale of PTP 650 (100 links), and has been one of our most prolific ePMP partners since the platform’s launch. 

Beyond the fact that it was 70oF warmer than hometown Chicago and the beautiful Persian Gulf was steps away, it was a fantastic day – my Cambium colleagues and I had the pleasure of interacting with over 200 representatives from value-added reseller partners, network operators, service providers and system integrators from across the Middle East and Africa.  I had the opportunity to hear directly from an Internet service provider rebuilding broadband communication networks in Libya using ePMP; a service provider seeking to use PMP 450 to provide triple-play services, including delivery of up to three HD video streams as a compliment to its mobile service offering; a system integrator building high-capacity transport networks in Kenya to support the country’s burgeoning oil and gas industry; and many others with equally valuable applications of Cambium Networks’ technology.  They and others provided numerous suggestions to further enhance Cambium’s products and services, several of which are already being explored – one case is being tested this weekend! 

We consistently heard the same two comments from attendees: Cambium’s commitment to product quality, and the level of support that they receive from both Prologix and Cambium. These are two of Cambium’s core values, and it was gratifying to hear them from our customers.  

Beyond the obvious business benefits, coming to Dubai was also a personally enriching trip.  I met individuals from a variety of different countries and cultures and learned a bit about their religious beliefs, the rationale behind traditional dress and even the impact that local dialects of Arabic have on conducting business, not to mention a couple of wonderful local meals.  As I said, a fantastic day and week in the Emirates!