Connecting the dots: and

By Kurt Garrison   August 27, 2013

“Connectivity is a key human right.” I couldn’t agree more with Mark Zuckerberg’s recent statement from the launch of Connecting the unconnected has long been at the core of Cambium Networks’ business. What is setting out to do for the 4.4 billion unconnected is what we have been doing for years – we know it is possible.

The key to providing reliable, affordable connectivity to these under or unconnected communities is tailoring cost-effective solutions to equally serve end users and service providers. Unconnected populations mainly live in rural, low-density areas. The service providers in these regions have limited budgets. Cambium Networks’ portfolio balances the needs of network operators and their customers without sacrificing quality, reliability or utility. One way in which we do this is through the “album-stamp approach,” a term coined by one of our long-term customers in Brazil.

“Cambium enables me to deploy the network at an excellent initial cost and allows me to scale with simple, low-cost software upgrades,” explained Denio Alves Lindo, CEO of Desktop Internet Services, a fast-growing ISP serving the vicinity around Campinas City and the greater São Paulo area. “I get the ‘album’ at very affordable pricing, and I will buy the ‘stamps’ when I need them.”

Desktop’s challenge was providing connectivity to users in sparsely populated neighborhoods. One option was deploying many wireless backhaul access points to serve those customers, but that wasn’t economically realistic. Instead, they used ultra-low-cost wireless technology to supplement the Cambium Networks Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) access network installed for Desktop nearly a decade ago.

A key enabler of Desktop’s new Cambium PMP solution is the PMP100 series equipment. Like all of Cambium’s PMP products, the PMP 100 is capable of synchronization, a great help in satisfying Desktop’s disparate yet growing customer base. The solution we arrived at for Desktop was custom fit to its needs: The 105 Series of the PMP 100 was chosen as it is designed for small networks and exceptionally affordable and easily scalable when the networks begin their growth cycle. Once each PMP 100 reaches more than 10 registered CPEs (customer premise equipment), its capacity can be increased to support up to 200 CPEs via a simple software license upgrade: The PMP 100 is the album, and the upgrades are the stamps.

But in connecting the 4.4 billion unconnected, we’ve got far more than postage up our sleeves. Cambium Networks strongly supports’s aims, we are thrilled to be making a difference.