Connecting Fans with Their Passion

By    March 14, 2014

Sport teams play half of their games on the road, and connectivity enables fans to experience the action in real time. A few months ago, the Ashes Chairman's XI cricket match featured England playing Australia. The match was held at Traeger Park in Alice Springs (just Alice in local parlance), a city surrounded by desert in the Red Centre of Australia. The event organizers knew that fans from England and around the world would want to see every inning, and they needed reliable broadband connectivity for live streaming video, public Internet access, and high speed access for the media and press.

The wireless broadband network was designed and installed in a matter of days, and performed flawlessly. The solution used PTP 500 to backhaul to the area, with PMP 450 access for media and ePMP™ to provide access to connect spectators in the grandstands and the surrounding community. Broadcast quality was rock solid and star players were able to tweet photos to their millions of fans from the event. Check out the case study here.

Connectivity gives us the ability to socialize, work, read, watch movies and more anywhere at any time. Wireless broadband enables high capacity connectivity to be available exactly at the moment that it is needed, whether for a sport event, concert or in emergency relief efforts. Because capturing and sharing the moment is important, wireless broadband solutions need to be reliable to perform under extreme weather conditions and high demand for capacity.

Update from Alice: The network continues to perform well after the cricket match’s conclusion.  It will remain to provide connectivity for future sport events at Traeger Park and to local businesses to promote tourism and residential connectivity. 

After the competition, Alice Springs wins.