Collisions Hurt Performance

By    October 9, 2013

Demand for broadband is high and increasing. Wireless is a great solution to provide connectivity, but spectrum is limited. Service providers are seeking solutions that enable them to broadcast the highest total throughput in the available spectrum. While looking at the throughput of an individual access point is certainly important, it is critical to look at how those access points operate as a total network in the real world.

End user perception is the performance factor that counts. If multiple access points operate in contention for bandwidth, throughput to end users is throttled, and customer satisfaction decreases. To use a music analogy, it is like a hundred individual musical instruments each playing louder to get attention. A Synchronized network is different. It operates like a symphony, with a conductor keeping time for all of the instruments.

We use GPS Synchronization to act as the “conductor” in developing access network solutions. With synchronization, the network performs better, frequencies can be re-used to provide more total bandwidth for end users – and customer satisfaction is maximized. Check out our latest video on GPS Synchronization and Interference Mitigation.