Class Disrupted

By    January 29, 2014

“Online learning is a disruptive innovation to what we do. It will get better and better and I see people every day saying ‘I won’t go to campus but will take courses online,’” said Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen at last week’s World Economic Forum.

A course without a campus? It’s true: Online education is disrupting traditional classroom structure, and the world will be better for it.

I could have never imagined during my student days at BITS how quickly and capably video distance learning has taken root in education systems all over the world. Millions of global citizens can freely watch the brightest academics reveal their latest economic theories, explain the tragicomic in Shakespeare or run a groundbreaking experiment. I marvel at the thought that some of the best lessons taught today will live online to inspire future generations.

I am intensely proud of the Cambium Networks teams and partners that have been deploying high-quality connectivity solutions to equalize education opportunities worldwide and connect the unconnected. With reliable, fast Internet access, students can enrich their minds in a myriad of ways beyond streaming lectures, for example by reading books and articles online, or finding a mentor educated in a particular subject of interest.

This is what is happening in schools across Papua New Guinea now, thanks to Cambium Networks equipment. We deployed a connectivity solution for the island nation’s Department of Education, which serves over 10,000 schools. Prior to Cambium Networks’ equipment installation, Papua New Guinea’s school administrators and teachers had no modern communication pathways or access to online systems or applications, meaning they were unable to perform simple tasks such as payroll. The point-to-multipoint solution in place today delivers outstanding throughput, enabling staff unprecedented access to vital educational tools and the latest operational services. In turn, the students’ learning experience has been greatly enhanced and enriched.

We keep in close touch with all of our customers, and they know they can come directly to us with any problems, or offer us suggested improvements. The schoolchildren of Papua New Guinea, by extension, are also our customers. We look forward to following their progress and posting their Internet-enabled educational milestones here.