Change Everything All at Once

By Amanda Kowalik   June 23, 2016

The only thing that always remains constant is change. Change is a part of life. In our personal lives, we must all adapt to change as life events occur, such as marriage, children, or new career opportunities.  When you operate a network to provide service to customers, change is continuous. Interference is always on the rise, and the need for more bandwidth is ever-increasing. Networks need to change and adapt to keep up with these demands. What if you could take control of your network and dramatically increase interference tolerance while increasing throughput multifold?

You would be driving change.

cnMedusa technology in the new PMP 450m gives network operators that power of control. The PMP 450m is a first-of-its-kind fixed wireless broadband access platform that provides Massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology in a commercially available, cost-effective solution. While being managed from a single pane of glass in the Cloud with cnMaestro, massive MU-MIMO technology delivers ground breaking spectral efficiency in a highly integrated package. With the PMP 450m, network operators can offer dramatically higher throughput for the media-rich content that customers demand.

And it can be done with one simple Access Point change to the PMP 450m. This new AP is like no other, and offers:

  • Increased capacity – The PMP 450m can provide more than 400 Mbps actual usable throughput per sector.
  • Industry leading spectral efficiency – PMP 450m delivers >400 Mbps actual throughput in a 20 MHz channel (20+ bps/Hz, and over 40 bps/Hz when deployed in frequency re-use configurations).
  • Investment protection – PMP 450m is fully compatible with PMP 450 Subscriber Modules (SM) in an existing network.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out the PMP 450m GO Massive page on our website, or view the recording of our launch event. Of course, you can always join the discussion on the Cambium Community.

Don’t let increasing noise and growing demand drown you. Change one AP and change everything in your favor. Get way above the noise to connect more customers and — Go Massive!