By Cambium Networks   October 7, 2013

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., October 7, 2013 — Cambium Networks™, a global leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today launched ePMP, a revolutionary wireless access platform for connecting underserved and unconnected global communities. Built on a legacy of field-proven reliability, ePMP is the gold standard for powerful and secure yet affordable wireless broadband communications.

ePMP is a point-to-multipoint (PMP) fixed wireless access solution that operates in the 5GHz frequency band, delivering industry leading throughput at over 200 Mbps using 2×2 MIMO-OFDM technologies. Intelligent bandwidth algorithms are designed to direct the bandwidth where it’s needed. Utilizing GPS synchronization, ePMP is an ideal fit for networks that require capacity and reliability for superior quality of service (QoS), and permits highly scalable frequency reuse. Extremely versatile, ePMP can also be deployed in point-to-point (PTP) network configurations.

With the launch of the Facebook-spearheaded and Google’s Project Loon, offering Internet connectivity to the remaining 2/3 of the world’s population is on the minds of many technology companies. Current research from the UN Broadband Commission is grim on hitting the target of 60% Internet penetration worldwide by 2015, a corollary to meeting Millennium Development Goal #8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development. According to the Commission, at current rates penetration will be 45% by the end of 2015, leaving 3.96 billion without Internet connectivity. A major step in meeting this multi-faceted goal is engineering the ideal wireless broadband hardware for use in developing communities’ networks. Cambium Networks has met this challenge with ePMP.

“The success of the Chinatown International District, one of Seattle’s key business improvement areas, hinges on the ability of its business owners to work together in creating a safe, flourishing commercial environment in this emerging neighborhood. The existing mesh networking architecture that had been supporting their video surveillance was unreliable so we quickly made an effective equipment change,” said Brian Magnuson, CEO, Cascade Networks. “We found exactly what we needed with ePMP. Its reliability for high-quality video surveillance is outstanding, enabling us to offer the District peace of mind.”

ePMP fulfills a variety of needs for service providers and enterprise customers: rural, municipal, satellite office, primary and redundant connectivity; video surveillance backhaul; device and site monitoring; LAN extension; and leased line replacement. Designed with stringent service requirements in mind, ePMP incorporates several of Cambium Networks’ innovative technologies to ensure high-quality service and performance:

  • GPS Synchronization for Scalability and Quality of Service (QoS) – GPS sync provides the scalability and reliability service providers need to expand their networks, enabling them to take advantage of growth opportunities and create sustainable business models. ePMP is able to handle up to 120 subscribers per unit without service degradation due in part to the spectral efficiency achieved through GPS sync.
  • Prioritization for Quality of Service (QoS) – ePMP provides superior QoS with three levels of support for VoIP, high-speed data and video applications. The auto VoIP feature on the GUI enables automatic voice prioritization, delivering clear and uninterrupted audio. Prioritization ensures maximum performance, consistently delivering high data quality and guarding against garbled speech and choppy video transmissions.
  • Robust Security – ePMP assures integrity of critical information transmitted over the network with 128-bit AES encryption and L2 and L3 firewall settings.
  • Durability, Ease of Deployment and Maintenance – With a decade of experience in outdoor installation, Cambium Networks’ hardware is designed to ensure consistently high performance and resiliency in the outdoor environment regardless of temperature, humidity or altitude, and requires few tools to install. Its GUI is intuitive with real-time dashboard support, and companies can also use call center support with toll-free or local telephone access in 22 countries.

“In a fixed wireless solution at this price point, you wouldn’t normally find the quality of service and security mechanisms that ePMP features,” said Earl Lum, founder, EJL Wireless. “This puts Cambium Networks in a leading position with service providers that require scalability, quality and reliability. It enables them to offer voice, video and data services in emerging markets where even basic connectivity is a stretch.”

Recognizing that flexible solutions are necessary to address unique connectivity needs around the world, ePMP currently comes in two modules: the ePMP 1000 Integrated Radio and theePMP 1000 GPS Sync Radio. Both can be configured in GPS synchronized networks as synchronization is a necessity in any environment, regardless of spectral competition.

“In just seven years since the beginning of the WISP industry in the Czech Republic, spectrum has become incredibly constrained. We needed a new scalable solution that would give us the spectral efficiency to better serve our loyal customers and to be able to connect to users in small rural towns. We found the perfect fit with ePMP,” said Antonio Mlejnek, Vice Chairman,EDERA Group. “ePMP has improved our network by a factor of five, and we couldn't be more pleased with its reliability and ability to meet our network's growing needs.”

ePMP is now available on every continent through Cambium Networks’ distributors.

“It is Cambium Networks’ vision to connect the unconnected and make a difference without sacrificing any modicum of quality – we have taken the first step in realizing our dream with ePMP,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO, Cambium Networks. “The “e” in ePMP stands for ‘equalize,’ and we consider it our call to action. This platform levels the global economic playing field by facilitating Internet connections in places where connectivity was once impossible.”

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