Cambium Innovations and Goodness Together

By Ray Savich   July 19, 2017

Cambium has shipped 7 million wireless radios connecting about 100 million people worldwide with our affordable high-quality broadband solutions. These solutions connect communities, industries, and schools and significantly contribute to grow the economy, improve efficiency, education, and safety. While relentlessly innovating the technology, we at Cambium Networks are also bringing goodness to the communities we live in.

Innovation + Goodness = Employee Engagement

Cambium team members dedicate themselves to delivering leading edge technology solutions that deliver consistently reliable performance for mission and business critical applications. While there is personal satisfaction in meeting customer expectations, there is a deeper and longer lasting satisfaction in leveraging that same high performance technology to help those in need, and make it easier for support agencies, medical teams, and educators to deliver life changing services. Just as we grow our skills in developing  products, we grow when we stretch to share with those less fortunate.

Check out our latest Cambium Networks video to get a flavor for the reach and breadth of our initiatives to improve the lives of people.