Cambium Gives Back – A Different Kind of Wireless Connection

By Ray Savich   November 17, 2016

In our last post, we talked about the impact of radio products from Cambium Networks all around the world – with over six million of our broadband modules touching and improving 100 million lives. As a company, Cambium is all about connecting the unconnected with wireless technology.

But as people and citizens of the communities where we work, we’re also all about a different kind of wireless connection – our human connection. Cambium is fortunate to have dedicated employees who are as enthusiastic about giving back to their communities as they are about delivering world-class wireless technology to customers. I’d like to highlight some of the good works that Cambium employees are doing around the world, specifically:

In Bangalore, India, Cambium supports the village of Doddadunnasandra, located about 20 kilometers from our office. A majority of the village’s 300 families live in small, single-room homes, and most cannot afford school. Many of the villagers work in textile factories and in other roles as daily wage earners, so education, training, and transportation are keys to earning a living. A local institute has provided training for women to work in the textile industry, and Cambium recently purchased sewing machines to help them earn a livelihood from this training. In addition, Cambium procured study materials for local students, enabling school attendance. And to help everyone get to school and work, the Cambium team purchased and donated a number of bicycles.

In Ashburton, England, our UK team jumped in to help Anode+, a local charity established by a former Cambium employee. Anode+ aims to help underprivileged individuals and families build better lives by providing food assistance and recycling furniture, as well as offering counselling and practical assistance with tasks like gardening. Many of the staff and volunteers at Anode+ were once clients themselves and have turned their lives around thanks to the organization’s good works – and now many are giving back in kind. The Cambium team pitched in to help collect food donations and assemble food baskets, as well as to participate in the delivery of furniture donations to local homes. In addition, the team decorated four rooms at the Anode+ facility. Cambium UK plans to continue its “wireless connection” with Anode+ and will help distribute more than 300 special baskets to local families next month.

Finally, Cambium employees assembled and delivered 50 new bicycles to children at a local Chicago-area school, McAuliffe Elementary. Cambium’s team became totally immersed in assembling the bikes. After the bikes were built, we had to use every bit of available space to store them, including the CEO’s office. We were able to join in the celebration of presenting the bikes to the children.

We are deeply proud of the people who work for us and of the good works that they’re doing in their respective communities around the world. Not only are we excited about the next five years of Cambium Networks as a business, but we’re also excited about making new “wireless” – and very human – connections with the communities in which we work.