Bulletproof Resiliency Through Conscious Design

By    September 18, 2013

How often do you reboot your computer? How about your mobile phone? Think of all the time you’d save, not to mention feelings of frustration, if all technology was as resilient as Cambium’s hardware and software. As our radios are for outdoor installation, they must be ruggedized against the elements – snow, high winds, heavy rains, unbearable humidity – and of course, do what they are meant to do, which is provide high-quality connectivity to the communities that they are supporting. Generally, our access and backhaul radios are affixed onto tall towers and thus are not easily accessible for replacement or performing physical maintenance. Failure is not an option.

We recently polled our customers to see who had the oldest Cambium equipment, and we were thrilled with the anecdotes shared:

  • A WISP serving Atlas, OK sent in this screen shot showing that his PMP network has been up without a reboot for 153 days. The module was installed about eight years ago and is running software version 7.2.9 (we just released 12.1.1). It is deployed to connect the city hall of a small rural town, and has survived years of Oklahoma heat, cold, and storms. Our customer wanted to send me a photo, but he says that he “never has to go there.”

  • Not to be outdone, a customer in upstate New York has gone 1 year, 249 days and counting without rebooting. He says, “Not sure why we rebooted it in December 2011.  Probably a channel change or some such.  The event log demonstrates that it's been in service since 2005. 

  • The oldest of the bunch that’s been reported to us so far is a nine-year-old PTP in Wisconsin installed in 2004. Our customer there didn’t have a photo of his AP but wrote that it “has been working great since” and hasn’t been rebooted for more than four years.

When we release new products or iterate on our existing portfolio, we engineer and design them from the ground up with every customer’s needs in mind. With deployments in 150 countries and counting, this means that we have a lot to consider and millions of end users to please. The field-proven resiliency that we have achieved is something we’re all intensely proud of and are eager to share with citizens in the 46 countries that we have yet to deploy in.