Be the Difference

By    September 12, 2014

It's often easy to see the results of the work of a knowledgeable expert. In any field of work, the finished product performs well, and the design is clean with little or no wasted effort. Wireless networks are no different. When a network is designed and installed by an expert, hardware and software performance is maximized, and installations are clean, safe and secure. Failures are rare, and the overall effect is a network tailored specifically to the needs of the end users. Customers quickly grow to trust the network and the service provider, because like a fine piece of machinery it is always ready and available for them.

No one is born with the expertise to build a finely tuned network. Experience and up to date product knowledge has to be acquired, and our technical training program makes it easy. In our technical certification classes, technicians get in depth planning, design, and operational theory, as well as hands on experience with the latest hardware and software on ePMP, PTP 650 and PMP 450. Many service provider technicians in our classes are building networks for the first time, and our classes certainly enable them to be successful. Even more insightful is the information that technicians share with each other based on their real world experience. When teaching these sessions, we go deep into the details to show exactly how to optimize performance, and we often hear “I didn't know it could do that.” Most satisfying for me as an instructor are those “A-Ha” moments when a technician will see the solution to solving an important customer's technical issue, implement the change during a break, and see immediate results.

We make it easy for all students to gain this high level of expertise. We suitcase our equipment and technical trainers travel around the world to make it convenient. Check out the training schedule here

Technical expertise makes the difference between installing equipment and enabling long term customer satisfaction, and it's available today.