Be a Part of the Community

By    November 4, 2015

Operating a wireless broadband network is a round the clock responsibility that requires expertise in business planning, customer relations, employee management, and a deep understanding of the technology. To be successful, network managers must get the best information that they can to consistently make the right decisions. As your business partner, at Cambium Networks we see it as our responsibility to not only provide you with the best technology to grow your network, but we aim to also provide you the best information to grow your business. With this aim in mind, we created the Cambium Networks Community one year ago.

I would like to thank the thousands of people around the world who have contributed to the community in our first year. Each one of you have helped to make it a unique place to find information and informed discussion. At an industry event a few weeks ago, one member mentioned that he likes the “no nonsense” tone of the Community because the information is factual, immediately useful, and members are responsive.

I invite you to browse the Community. I’m sure that you will find some detail discussion that will help you better understand the technology, or come across a network operator who has experience with a concept that you are considering. There are four main sections to the Community:

  • Technical Forums – discuss all of our products, including the newest cnMaestro™, cnPilot™, PMP 450i that we have launched recently.
  • Language Options – Forums are available in five languages so you can be comfortable discussing connectivity with network operators who share a common interest.
  • Knowledge Base – search an encyclopedia of technical details reviewed and approved by Cambium Networks.
  • Ideas – share your ideas for product improvement and development, and vote for your favorite suggestions. We do review this list and a number of the ideas have been delivered in recent releases.
  • Your Stories – share a photo, video, or screen shot of your network performance with thousands of network operators around the world.

You are not alone. You are no doubt facing significant challenges and considering important options. Get the best information you can by discussing solutions and strategies with your peers. Check out the Cambium Community.