Bandwidth in the boonies: Getting the speed you need where wires won’t work

By    October 23, 2015

Nothing spoils the ambience of camping like your fellow campers complaining that their video is buffering. Roasting s’mores just isn’t the same with the kids bending your ear about how they can’t watch Taylor Swift’s new music video on repeat for a few hours, just because they’re a hundred miles away from civilization. There’s no running water and the place is lit with gas lamps, but the most striking thing to them is the lack of WiFi. Sure, you brought your portable DVD player, but that might as well be a reel of film to them – so settle in for a long night of “Why can’t I watch new stuff?”

On the way home, you stop at a diner to catch up with an old friend. It’s been a while since he quit to run his own farm, but when you see the photos of the big chunk of land in the middle of nowhere he bought, it’s hard to argue with him. The place is beautiful to look at, despite the large number of cows wandering around it. But there’s a problem, he says – the place is so big, and so remote, that getting decent connectivity to all four corners is a challenge.

No cables laid underground except a phone line at the farmhouse and non-existent cellular coverage means he’s out of luck, he assures you, repeatedly. Try as he might, it just isn’t practical to be everywhere at once on the farm, and from livestock trying to experience life outside the gates to passersby trying to tip their first cow, he needs visibility to every part of his property. It costs him a lot of time, and time means money; especially for a small farm owner. His frustration is clear, as his new catchphrase rings in your ears as you drive on – “Why can’t I just do this?”

Fixed wireless access, provided by ePMP™, gives him the connectivity he needs:

  • No wires needed
  • Long range (40Km+)
  • High capacity (100Mbps+)
  • Install time measured in hours not weeks

Back at home, you and the family settle in for an evening of catching up with all the shows you missed whilst you were trying to turn the kids into happy campers. The house is pretty out-of-the-way – the estate agent described it as ‘off the beaten track’ (by quite a few miles) – but for the price and the view it was a bargain. The only problem is a familiar one.

The second your wife wants to chat to her sister on FaceTime whilst you’re watching Netflix, things start stuttering, and buffering. Your video is going nowhere fast, and your in-laws start sounding so choppy you know you’ll hear about it very soon. But the ancient copper cable underground can barely support a phone call and the cellular signal isn’t much better. There are some wireless ISPs in the area offering fixed wireless access, but with your experience of spotty cellular 3G, you’re skeptical.

A wireless ISP can offer you a service level agreement guaranteeing the speed and availability of your connection, just like a wired provider, by using these features of ePMP to give you fixed wireless access:

  • Prioritization of important content
  • Flexible quality of service
  • Solid reliability

It’s the same problem as the campground and at the farm. You need high speed, reliable connectivity that won’t break the bank. To connect remote locations, it needs to get where others can’t. Across the world, ePMP by Cambium Networks is deployed as a high performance, reliable and affordable wireless broadband system supporting point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. In many situations you can install it yourself in minutes with the help of LinkPlanner by Cambium Networks, bringing the bandwidth you need where you need it, with the quality of service to keep everyone’s important connections up. And not miss Better Call Saul, of course.

Whether it’s bringing WiFi to your local campground or another outdoor space, keeping an eye on your far-flung flock at the edges of the farm with IP cameras or getting enough speed at home so everyone can stay connected, you need high speed and reliability at an affordable price. Call one of those wireless ISPs you’ve heard about and ask them – “When can I get ePMP?”

Next time you see someone with bad connectivity, be the hero. Give them the solution. Tell them:

Ask for ePMP.

Find out more about ePMP by Cambium Networks.