Affordable, Quality Wi-Fi for Everyone

By Ray Savich   June 5, 2017

In the last 18 months, cnPilot™ Wi-Fi technology has been deployed in more than half of the countries in the world. From the frigid base camp of Mount Everest to scorching sandy villages in the deserts of Rajasthan, India –the raucous Carnival celebration in Brazil to the tranquil national parks in the United States — elementary schools in Wyoming to large universities in India — and from streaming video in grocery stores in North America to the tracking the wildlife in Kenya– cnPilot has been deployed across the globe in a wide variety of applications. These varied product applications have not only demonstrated the resiliency of cnPilot, but have also ensured its progression into a mature product with rapid velocity.

cnPilot 2.0 is especially exciting because it enables us to deploy Wi-Fi connectivity more widely and deeply than ever before. The AutoPilot feature enables a cnPilot AP to manage 32 other APs. Truly, cnPilot can be deployed in any network:

  • Cloud-based with Cloud management via cnMaestro running on Cambium cloud, or
  • Private cloud, controller-based architecture where cnMaestro™ can be run on an appliance or multiple appliances where the traffic could be tunneled to, and
  • AutoPilot for the smaller deployments with no cloud or controller is being enabled with AutoPilot.

The ISP market is the fastest growing segment for Wi-Fi, and we have developed features to improve administration. With features like automated customized reporting, as well as the Managed Service Provider (MSP) view that bridges the gap between a large and a small ISP (or even smaller system integrators) in managing multiple accounts.

There have also been dramatic changes in the technology. The outdoor APs with the high gain integrated sector antennas (cnPilot E501S with 120 degrees and cnPilot E502S with 30 degrees) allow even more efficient deployments in stadiums, or high interference city streets, as well as any scenario where a very long distance coverage is needed. 802.11ac wave2 indoor APs (cnPilot E410 with 2×2 chains and cnPilot E600 with 4×4 chains), facilitating beam-forming for higher capacity and higher density deployments.

With more features a product usually gets more complex. With the cnPilot 2.0 launch we have reversed this phenomenon. The cnMaestro™ (the cloud and on premise controller) UI has not only been jazzed up, but also the flow has been further streamlined. Also, for the deployments that do not have Cambium fixed wireless broadband, a Wi-Fi-only view has been added avoid further complexity of fixed wireless broadband when not needed.

cnPilot is unmatched in that it provides a reliable, affordable solution that is quick to deploy and easy to manage. This is a significant win for end users, and network administrators. The latest features surely open unprecedented opportunities to connect the unconnected.