A Network that Never Sleeps

By    September 18, 2015

While you’re sleeping, our equipment is hard at work on the streets – every street of one state in the US, in fact. During those twilight hours, hundreds of our PTP radios make sure that the few drivers on the road get to their destinations smoothly. No needless waiting at red lights when no one else is around. When the sun rises and rush hour traffic begins, this industrial-scale network uses data culled from millions of Bluetooth devices to help traffic signals gracefully adapt to the changing traffic flow. Kids get to school on time, and adults arrive to work before their first meetings.

These dynamic modifications have occurred on a 24-hour cycle, 365 days a year for the past five years that a state transportation agency has been our customer – an impressive statewide effort in and of itself. If this industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network experienced any significant delays or went down, traffic would not move nearly as smoothly, and the streets would not be as safe for drivers and pedestrians.

But I wanted to know how else the agency was using its network, a hybrid composition of our equipment with dark fiber and fiber interconnects. So I called Tom Booth at GTS Solutions, its technology consulting company that provides the state’s network architecture.

“We’re currently looking at PTP 820 for some large, long-term construction projects,” Tom said. “A big interchange here will undergo a four to five year construction project and fiber lines will be cut in the process, severing broadband connectivity as a large fiber network runs up the interstate. So to ensure that people don’t lose service, we’re aiming to install wireless gigabit links using the 18 GHz licensed frequency and PTP 820.”

I found this application very innovative. It underscores the fact that the state’s transportation network is one that never sleeps. It doesn’t just handle statewide traffic – it proactively enables network continuity in meeting wireline subscribers’ needs with gigabit wireless broadband connectivity.

“We feel confident in coming to Cambium with any projects we have on deck. They’ve always provided good support, and their equipment always works. Once you put it in, it’s done. It’s straightforward from an engineering perspective, and our guys in the bucket trucks are happy!” he added.

Hearing these glowing comments is one of the great pleasures of my job – on par with receiving constructive feedback that make our products even stronger and more versatile. So if there’s anything you’d like to let us know – for example, information on a new application you’re interested in or a request for a custom specification – don’t be shy. Let us know in the comments below or on our community forum