A High Gain Alternative

By    December 9, 2015

Many Cambium Networks’ customers are using 3 GHz spectrum to provide broadband access to their customers.  In many places of the world, this spectrum provides clean channels to maximize the throughput that can be delivered, and allow significant data flow to many people.  Up to now, the choice of antenna for the subscriber modules in the PMP 450 platform in 3 GHz has been limited to the integrated patch antenna (at 8 dBi), which can be less than suitable gain for long distance applications, or to install a link that may not be perfect line of sight (LOS).  An alternate approach is to augment this integrated patch antenna with an offset reflector dish, which provides a very high gain alternative that can provide great range.  This works very well for most deployments, yet still has a few drawbacks.  First, the aesthetics of this device may not be allowed in certain areas (whether due to local ordinances or homeowner association rules).  Second, this is a separate purchase and makes installation and alignment more complex.  Third, the beam width of the offset reflector is so narrow (about 6 degrees) that it may not be ideal in near- or non-LOS links, because it might filter out necessary reflective paths that could be useful for link stability.

Based on customer feedback and input, Cambium Networks has adapted the new mechanics from the PMP 450i product to the 3 GHz PMP 450 Subscriber Module.  That is, we took the existing 3 GHz PMP 450 SM and put this unit into the rugged housing, paired with a 19 dBi flat panel antenna that is only 12” x 12” square.  This extremely compact design is aesthetically pleasing, extremely simple to align and install, and provides a slightly wider beamwidth (about 11 degrees), which is more optimal for tougher links that can take advantage of multipath reflections.  This new 3 GHz PMP 450 SM is available now for pre-ordering from your reseller, and will be shipping before the end of the year.