A Breakthrough in Closing the Digital Divide

By Ray Savich   June 22, 2016

In the past five years alone, we’ve connected millions of people around the world with our wireless broadband technology. But the digital divide still prevents entire populations from getting the Internet access they need.

These populations range from inhabitants of the developing world to those who live in rural or low-income areas of industrialized nations. Whether the barriers are socioeconomic, technological or geographic, countless lives are limited by slow Internet connections or no connectivity at all.  

I’ve spoken to government and industry leaders from around the world, and most agree we cannot afford to ignore this problem. Many things that I consider basic human rights are rapidly becoming online commodities: access to healthcare, employment, and education opportunities to name a few. The more these services shift online, the more everyone with a high-speed connection benefits – and the more those without access get left behind. Closing the digital divide means giving all humans a fair shot at success.

That’s why today, we’re unveiling a breakthrough technology that uses Massive MU-MIMO technology to deliver high-speed wireless broadband to the world in the most affordable way possible. The PMP 450m is the first of our products with cnMedusa™ technology, and this platform enables us to go further than ever before in connecting the hundreds of millions of unconnected people and places. 

We invite every network operator in every country to use our solution and begin eliminating the digital divide. In spite of the barriers that continue to inhibit global connectivity, opportunity and growth, we now have the power to affordably deploy and scale networks in almost any environment.

Learn more about how you could deploy this groundbreaking advance in wireless technology here. With MU-MIMO available for the first time on a massive commercial scale, an end to the digital divide is finally within sight.