A bell ring, a call to action

By    December 23, 2013

Around the world, a ringing bell signals many events – one of the most common of those being the start of the school day. I feel that my life has come full circle today as we ring NASDAQ’s opening bell with my friends and classmates from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), where I obtained my B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In the presence of so many talented BITS graduates, I almost feel like a student again. It is deeply gratifying to be associated with such a venerable institution and BITSAA, its international alumni association.

Today especially, I am reminded of the three life skills I honed as a young engineering student, and strive to bring to work and life everyday:

1) A love for learning

2) Time management

3) Resiliency

As a leader, one has to have the desire for continual learning from everyone and every experience. This allows for innovation to occur naturally, engages the organization as a whole and creates a sense of humility. In this age of hyper-competition,these qualities are foundational building blocks that help companies succeed, even in difficult circumstances. Learn from every failure and move on. 

I’ve never forgotten BITS’s intense academic pressure and its effect on my own time management. Beyond ensuring that I was always prepared for every exam, this skill has instilled in me the reality that time is one commodity that you cannot replenish.Once wasted, it is gone. These learnings are even more paramount for today’s students as the pace of innovation and change has accelerated.

But certainly my time at BITS wasn’t all lectures and pop quizzes. There were many programs at BITS to support local communities. This inculcated students’ desire for contributing positively to the community in India and beyond – for me, this place is Cambium Networks, where I am delighted to be part of a strong, resilient team with a clear mission.

At Cambium Networks, our work and the ethic behind it are geared toward connecting the unconnected and bridging digital divides that exist in every country around the globe. Connectivity is a very fundamental need of any thriving community; economic upswing depends on it. We want to be a key enabler of this connectivity by bringing affordable wireless broadband communications to 4.5 billion people in the world who still are under or unconnected.

So as I stood among my fellow BITS alumni and tech executives this morning at NASDAQ, I felt humbled yet emboldened. As we look to a New Year, I am reminded that remaining focused and resilient removes obstacles. With that approach, success is the only option.