5 Million Wireless Links Planned by Cambium Networks

By Michelle Orr   February 23, 2017

Since we launched our LINKPlanner software more than a decade ago, this free wireless networks design tool has had more than 5 million path profile requests, with 1.2 million of them in 2016. LINKPlanner is popular with network designers because it takes the guesswork out of designing wireless connectivity. With detailed information from LINKPlanner, installations are done right the first time and require less time, at a lower cost. And 5 million success stories mean that you can trust the accuracy of the analytics.

Information is power and confidence when it comes to RF planning. LINKPlanner reduces the time and cost of wireless network deployment by enabling technicians to:

  • Establish the viability of a link before deployment and predict performance
  • Model scenarios comparing products and link options
  • Order the right equipment the first time
  • Install equipment at the exactly correct height and angle the first time
  • Create installation reports to ensure equipment is commissioned as designed

Originally launched to plan wireless Point-to-Point (PTP) links, based on customer demand and input the system now has an expanded scope. In the last year, our team has added capabilities for:

  • Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) distribution networks
  • Network Optimization
    • “Best Server”– automatically determines the optimal Access Point (AP) for each subscriber
    • “Calc Tilt”  determines the optimum tilt for antennas
    • Modelled Beamwidth function allows individual APs to use different beamwidths

Field performance shows the benefit. Rick Kunze of Colusanet.com says, “It’s a fabulous piece of work. It’s a really great help, and I don’t think that anyone else has such a tool.”

As network operators look to expand wireless connectivity in 2017, we have already seen 168,717 path profiles generated in the first six weeks of the new year. Find out how LINKPlanner can help you get an edge and delight customers. Get the details on a wireless broadband solution that meets your needs for connectivity, or find out more about LINKPlanner at our free introductory webinar on March 8.