3.65 GHz Wireless Access Networks Made Easy

By    April 11, 2014

Since we launched the PMP 450, operators have been requesting a high performing product in the licensed bands. On February 4th, we announced the availability of the 3 GHz version of the PMP 450, and further stated the 3.65 GHz band would become available in March… and we delivered. Bringing the same high capacity, GPS synchronization, extreme scalability and unparalleled reliability into the 3.65 GHz band opens a new realm of possibility for operators that are in desperate need of additional spectrum to serve their customers.

Over the past week, more than 50 customers have received their initial orders for this product and are starting to deploy it now. For the many others that have already placed orders, we are continuing to build and ship product to fill the orders. 

For those not familiar with the FCC application and registration process to use the licensed spectrum in the US, check out the PMP 450 FCC Registration Guide on the support site, under the PMP 450 section. This guide has been reviewed together with the FCC administrators and contains all the relevant information you need to ensure proper licensing.

I attended WISPAmerica in Little Rock, and received some great feedback from those that some early experience with the product. Many folks were impressed that we were able to take the vaunted PMP 450 platform and turn out a 3.65 GHz version exactly when we promised to have it. Enthusiastic customers are even posting their experiences on industry forums, and we’d love to hear your experiences. Let us know how it is working for you by commenting right below on this page.