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One Size Does Not Fit All

The convenience of a “one size fits all” message is attractive on the surface, but it simply doesn’t work in deciding which technology to use for a communications network. Network users are different, as is the case in enterprise, industrial or residential users. Topologies are different whether the network serves…

Cloud Management Made Easy

Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro™ cloud-based management system just crossed 1.5 million total devices under management with about 500,000 devices managed from cnMaestro cloud. With this, Cambium Networks also achieved another important milestone of supporting third-party end points in cnMaestro. Machfu, a leader in smart grid IoT, becomes the first company whose…

We Make “Secret Sauce” for Wireless Service Providers

Where does “secret sauce” come from? For each business, it is different. Dave Sobel’s article, “Do brands managed service providers use matter to customers?” got me thinking about network end customers’ fierce focus on high quality and speed at low costs while being completely indifferent to the underlying technology used.…

Wireless Convergence Accelerates Education

COVID-19 has accelerated the urgency of eliminating the digital divide. Looking only at the pandemic’s impact on our children’s education, there is a worldwide need to expand access to broadband. Clearly, there are legitimate concerns about the economics of connecting the under-connected and unconnected. Recent trends in wireless technology have…

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