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Improving Operations Begins with Visibility

We recently came across a remarkable story in The New York Times about a CEO who asked a very simple question: How much does it cost to operate my business? Recognizing that not all companies have the time or resources to uncover cost efficiencies using University of Utah Health Care’s…

20,000 Country Music Fans Visited a Farm

On September 30th, 20,000 country music fans converged on a 70-acre farm 10 miles outside of Ft. Wayne in Northeast Indiana. A one-night concert event by a country superstar would bring the population of a small city to rural country farmland.

The Right Equipment for Public Safety Communications

The heroic work done by first responders and public safety employees during major disasters and events such as Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Haiyan appear in headlines around the world. Communications infrastructure is critical in these major disasters, and also in the thousands of smaller local emergencies that occur every day…

Five Considerations for a Nationwide IoT Network

There has lately been a lot of conversation in the wireless industry around the creation of a nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network and what it would entail. As businesses and governments connect more and more end devices and sensors to the Internet, many are looking into solutions that could…

The Network Demands of Pope Francis’ US Visit

With Pope Francis having made his first sojourn to the U.S., Americans come from near and far for a chance to catch a glimpse of the leader and embodiment of the Catholic faith. Likewise, the residents of Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia had been bracing for the deluge of…

A Tough Call – A WISP Firing Customers?

One of the hardest things to do as a WISP is to contemplate “firing” a customer that’s willing to pay you for your service. However, keeping them as a customer can be tough if the cost of getting them connected (and keeping them happy) exceeds what they’re willing to pay.

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