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Anunciando: Disponibilidad de la banda 4.9GHz en la linea ePMP

La banda de 4.9GHz se ha convertido en un recurso crítico para proveer el acceso y control de cámaras de video y facilitar así la seguridad pública. Esto no es una tarea insignificante… Cuando un sistema de video vigilancia se está utilizando para monitorear artículos preciados o para salvaguardar la…

ICT: The Backbone of the IIoT

When we think of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the word measurement sounds comparatively antiquated. But at its core, the promise of IIoT is built on millions of measurements taken on a regular basis. When properly analyzed – taking into account a holistic view of where measurements were collected…

Lessons in Lightning Awareness from a Soccer Dad

The showers have finished, the clouds cleared and the prematurely darkened skies have lightened up. Perhaps we will get this soccer game in after all, and that 45-minute mad dash from the office to see the last game of the season would not be for naught! Sure enough, the boys…

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